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    February 26, 2014
    11:00 - 11:31am PST  

and moving more the fan the news. hundreds of turkish protesters took to the streets and clashed with police on tuesday night the istanbul and ankara to denounce what they believe to be in government corruption voice recordings have emerged to suggest prime minister are typically occur to one warrant is on the high tens of millions of dollars before police raids in the graft inquiry their reach to the government the recordings appeared two days after one speech the party officially began campaigning for local elections in the march
quarter one supporters see the corruption investigation was contrived by a us based cleric with influence in the police and judiciary. i bid to unseat him ahead of elections this year the cleric has denied involvement i just started to use independence square. cb want to be consulted before parliament makes any major decisions that will affect ukrainians and demanded that all candidates for ministerial positions in the country's new government to explain themselves to the protesters and square after ukraine's president viktor in the cove which was posted last week following the deaths of one hundred protesters ukrainians want a say in how government makes decisions. most recently they have been infuriated it was how the country's presence in your circle lives. protesters have taken control of former prosecutor general victor b'tselem coast residents and video from the mansion shows don't have to be a very
wealthy man with a taste for ornate furniture which he enjoyed putting on display along with the coup which i now wanted him in parliament has voted to send them to the international criminal court in may. zai . i am the intended on him more
although overall of the total. you could. i had the audit were little. it is i do. is yes. is you chile's year's independence square city want to be consulted before parliament makes any major decisions will affect ukrainians and demanded that all candidates for ministerial positions in the country's new government to explain themselves to the protesters and square ukraine's president viktor yanukovich was posted last week on the deaths of one hundred protesters ukrainians want to see and how
government operates. most recently they have been infuriated with how the country's president an inner circle layer. choosing the new emerged a few days thes residents after he fled to the protesters flooded into the property. protesters said they were shocked to see the extravagance of the three hundred and forty acres of land on the banks of the deeper root for occupying play in the cove which by now protesters have taken control of former prosecutor general victor shown to us residents and video from the mentioned shows shown to be a very wealthy man with a taste for or need for nature which he enjoyed putting it on display in one room there is a reproduction of a famous painting of russian field marshal who pushed that napoleon in the battle already know in eighteen twelve. however the field marshall is replaced with sean. some ukrainians walking around the house see the know
know where their tax money went. local militias are guarding the mansions to prevent anyone from vandalizing or stealing. one thing is clear. ukrainians want the revolution to do away with the extravagant and cry. this kind of ukraine's interim government wanted to clean it so that the old regime to police on tuesday when activists climbed on top of the parliament to remove the soviet star. there was no attempt to stop the activists the current crisis in ukraine started when unesco which ditched the eu treaty deal in favor of closer ties with its former soviet master russia. now let's talk about the eu and united states can help ukraine meet its financial obligations over the next three years the average ukrainians going to get rid of corruption and symbols of the old regime ukraine could be making a break with its text links
chicken the democrats don't think gold is the longest serving congressman in us history and fifty eight years in office has announced his retirement from the house of representatives often to see it. our single first and to congress to finish his late father's time in nineteen fifty five even before preston brock obama was born in his heyday phd city road shape to make tools for cleaning and rewards of protecting the pages species and provide healthcare for four children expressed disappointment in today's congress. i think in this life time to just enjoy their retirement. you want. woohoo a pillar of wounded. peace and quiet and content. we know and love for so long dingell has sent on to live in preston's i made was to be shown come into the white
house say he could get to come sing with them president bill clinton crack obama has labelled the congressman has won the most influential legislators of all time communication that way. craig sixty two she empties leading to its grapes. and to provide compensation to eighteen local survivors their families and all the victims whose property was seized by the nazis or subsequent communist regimes. alexa addressed to prime minister just want it and stands out in its rate of fatal or even recognize its responsibility to victims and now it's time to give elderly survivors the financial medical assistance they desperately required. about ninety percent of ireland's three hundred million perished during the holocaust. however it still would be our new member eu states without school to restore will compensate by the seat despite repeated pledges from previously does to pass legislation. the fourteen
countries and tools to national guidelines help of two tone ska to live in aussie open distance ortiz should be handled the case helps to move school this week discuss britain's role in seeking justice for citizens you want restitution of property seized from them i mean rare and mysterious like disease may have affected up to twenty five previously healthy children in california several of the most often in paralysis with health experts trip into it and despite the calls of the syndrome the likenesses of the use of color is not the most elusive no cover of us use of their arm or leg we want to emphasize that this is extremely rare for reporting five cases there are preliminary report said of civil war from the speedy th. that may sound but this is stuff i never preliminary stage. we appreciate the help in getting a workout too
positions. and families but we want to emphasize that this is not a common phenomenon. we think it's a rare manifestation of a rarer of virus. concerned parents to victims or across the street to be racing in great condition. jackson has been applied. inflammation and her arm would be permanently paralyzed so. yes weekend it was frustrating not knowing not having anyone really see though. but the community to talk to that doesn't happen today and it's you know it. instead i was tired. it was hard. here is that. i did it with irony i think she's having trouble creating a note that we are so lucky that she's here and i know that many families go through raising a smile so we're so grateful that suffused with us. today and since then and didn't do anything think. witches are ready to eat in the united
states of a tree to tree to tell you is an infectious virus that can come in the parlance of kill victims within hours of infection. a vaccine developed in the nineteen fifties and even walk to the disease will collate all the trimmings and then the compacted snow on the dentist on nigeria. a federal judge ruled last week to the new york police department are not breaking any laws when they carry of controversial surveillance targeting muslims and the bad credit as roundup the muslim american community. eight muslims had brought a civil case against the nypd in two thousand while alleging its surveillance programs were unconstitutional and discriminatory because they focus on race and religion according to the center for constitutional rights ruling by judge william martini has confirmed what many muslims in the us the year and vowed to appeal the decision. i think our clients and many more americans fear after nine eleven that they don't have recourse to the same constitutional rights and protections of americans do this is the type that
confirms their worst fears one pizzeria owner in new york city who happens to be a muslim said his customers get harassed by undercover police officers. i thought seen them before because it doesn't ford will cause unpleasant from those of my friends they come to visit me in the pizzeria that opening with a chance. i give somebody a hard baby the tupelo were out of sight well the problem. mumbai police plan to go. he's really just might erode that it was legal because the police could not have monetary new jersey for muslim activities without monitoring the muslim community itself and the nypd is the intention was not to discriminate against muslims it's the fifth race of the blog was just calm down enough folks. the soaking it to bring talks and historic its huge bakery in the east
end of the city. in search of the crater. ringtones jewish bakeries the time of his tent in parts of the fusion mostly competes with the costs of cycle or cradle is popular across the atlantic. this is the crater. if your mitts on it. it's festival we did met with his words exactly how many calories it contains otherwise that they can say uconn beat it. yes full state seat of their life still moves and unemployment. and i know this is like diamonds that since none of us can come and sit so high. i'd still like whether the people come back full sun. this being an increasing creativity. wrinkles system to wait in line for the autumn and the whitechapel district alongside the decrease coast will grasp recruit days and chocolate cupcakes a braided how was the bagels made to the same secret recipes jennifer recalls great grandpa behind menus for the first initial in nineteen
eleven. a recent immigrant from russia. i'm a drink off into decline as he feels the time when london's whitechapel was the city's huge help and to hold and twenty find traditional jewish bakeries that the city extension of supermarket chains and salvation paste till spring cox is the last of his car. it was founded in nineteen eleven by my great friend called claimant kenneth in ukraine. and he and i can shop in a one tcu and then denying he had said seven tips. i think i should have his own hands. this is my grandpa was one of the museum. and he was more right. the town. the retail side. and my crown playground on the team is the most opaque and then my back pain in his fifteen needles and asked if they can. at noon and then my cousin came and for this it's been years
fifteen aside he's also trained as a mom i can. an mit uncouth and then me the disappearance of deutsche post traditional jewish bakeries reflects the century of demographic shifts. but this two skeins he's migrated to the northwest of ups and compete in bakeries clay shaw in the nineteen seventies green cos it means to wholesale market. the bakery now runs twenty four seven delivering hella cupcakes and danish is upscale supermarket soup so that is until it's on to major corporations and the team opens the money and credit suisse. also the fifteen that but the old generation and the jewish people the offense so calm and sometimes i end but now it is so calm all season which means she's the greatest that you become more candy in young guns so they know. and i kiss this autumn rains and assist with remotes culture and say that and defense of religion miss
them. i need is to animal services. i didn't need a supply and as we went to stand on the company is an ideal society. it's my fault he's thinking who hire it and that of offices. well drink also may no be big business in the corporate world. he can still experience the joy of coming here to shop to order your project. umm whatever else the next generation of thing folks might come up with in future. does that put darkness for san juan. we love them. i have to. british police have detained the guantanamo inmates. three others on suspected terrorism offences related to syria. mo is on page forty five since at least three years he went
on a more upright before being released without charge in two thousand and five was detained at this time in central england on suspicion of attending training camp at facilitating terrorism and the city's police was seen searching his house and leaving evidence including vehicles and electronic equipment. the forensic examination. off to his release he founded human rights organization page business which will result in a huff was held at guantanamo bay. they complain so that is who he claims from friendly town. despite the so called war on terror list steak was held in guantanamo bay have been arrested in pakistan in february two thousand and two suspected of being a member of the realty group ltd a princeton perak obama said in january two thousand and fourteen should be the day to finally close down the insurrection the contents facilitate. sand has been mounting in britain out of the number of uk nationals traveling to syria to help or a bull fights his fights princeton style. police fear they may become radicalized by islamists poet and
training camps before tending to the uk with the company's security threat to british police have already arrested sixteen people on suspicion of terrorism offences relate to syria to see some as young as seventeen compared to twenty four such arrests in two thousand and thirteen additional just to protect the sheep us intelligence estimates there were at least seven thousand five hundred foreign fighters and fifty nationalities of the trade spike elk leader as many as five thousand but it's just a tad european passports. two inmates died in mexico city prison has started a free wrestling program in the tradition of locally made to help prisoners relaxed and temporarily forget prison life. inmates at the santa might set aside to the penitentiary train a couple of times a week taking up like the sun is an often wearing masks or costumes in the tradition of the sport both former professional
wrestler as the victor franco cruise to win by the name bella cereal and rene garcia known as pentagon city co starred in the program to bring light relief to prison life prisoners convicted of kidnapping while garcia was imprisoned in nineteen ninety eight on homicide charges which he denies the cia has helped start a wrestling program in every prison he's been transferred to. they give it a point to the one thing the program helps the inmates to stay away from drugs. that's us. later they start liking this pool is free wrestling is something magical. that's the way i stopped into one started training as a hobby and it ended up being taught to my life because of my work and this happens to many people inmates come in to check in with school and they realize it's totally different. this is a sport that you train and prepare everything for the disability payment goes to get caught up in wrestling group occasionally put on puppet shows to entertain other inmates and visiting family members that billy ray has been popular in mexico for decades and has a huge
fan base across the country xian. three women who survived a decade long captivity in the cleveland house before being freed have received ohio governor john cash's new occurred towards the women amanda buried today he says michelle nights were given a standing ovation as they walked onto the stage they were rescued in may after being kidnapped by ariel castro from the streets of cleveland between two thousand to two thousand for the ages of fourteen sixteen and twenty seven accounts detailed their resilience no one to rescue them. they rescued themselves. first by staying strong and by sticking together. and then if i don't literally breaking out into freedom. daniel castro periodically kept the three women changing rooms in this house and restricted access to food and toilets. he repeatedly raped the women and five and a girl
with one of the victims. well interesting at least five miscarriages in one of the others. after repeatedly getting her pregnant women were freed when amanda barry called for help through screen door when pastor left the house. castro pleaded guilty in august hundreds of charges shortly after dawn september thirty to fifty three year old hank and self imprisoned at the beginning of a life. around two dozen members of ukraine's notorious been to the riot police unit went on stage and with the ukraine's largest western sydney after returning from the capital kiev to ask for forgiveness on behalf of their colleagues from ukraine special services or accused of shooting and killing civilian protesters more than eighty people died during the violence last week normally you wearing that uniform is a nice uniforms disgrace during the events in kyiv. when people wear shorts
that's kind of investigation is now on the way. they say those were interior ministry troops. we deny official anyway we've come to beg for forgiveness on them the oklahoma to live with him on protesters yelled a shame on you as the police walked through the square and shout at them to get down on her knees all of them nodded off of the people here all innocence and should not hold to that means they are not guilty of anything they have taken an oath to protect the ukrainian people. they did not shoot at the people and kept their eye as they did not eat people. they were simply caught up in this situation for all of that was the dumbest but the clashes which erupted last week turns deadly after government security forces attempted to storm the central protest camp anti government protesters resisted and security forces opened fire on them using ak forty seven and sniper rifles. at least eighty five people were killed in the attack with
hundreds more civilians injured. the deccan police named after the golden eagle is now run a mile across much of ukraine and plans are in discussion could potentially disband the riot police force however in some parts of the country namely the russian speaking south east where some fear a separatist movement could spring up that there could have been welcomed as heroes on the return from the capital the fledgling ukrainian government has called for unity and international partners such as the eu have also urged the international community to support an independent and whole ukraine part of a person's brain in the event that it was abandoned in an accident that all dates. now imagine you can replace that part of a brain but to my friend said that would enable it to function normally. this is what we are scientists are working on and tell of the university. and i'm going to end today. which was deemed experiments with truth to what you would see
the blue speedo correlation wants to get the code into a student to topeka and the coach is going to record a tv tuned to the aliens. in the imprint of them don't know when to the keys. indio ca here to kind of took the tickets. i make him a gun one of the students would show you what we are doing good than you would do it we all could come tonight we said david. our purpose in the fraud that is to not fix the damaged brain. but to replace it. place the knot with another biological brain but with synthetic brand and a microchip. this part of the brain which we are replacing know what it has and has two inputs and we have one line of information one adult books. that's loads of it. we can take this part of the brain out. put a chip instead and interface it to
the same inputs and outputs and the chip will do what's best part of the brain the healthy part of brain actually is. i may get a lot though. today the had to break the fifteen months we have been at it often said to him to sit out the brand area they can get to me you've got to inform them play with the ccr looked so good to be true. sounds like. those who fall season. you are on fire means the action potential this is lost. you are. this is what thoughts and feelings and motives. this is
the aisle. hard words to the patient. thoughts and feelings and personality. i control the brain is amazing and complex organ and some controversy arises when your assigned seat as he began to experiment with the ability of potentially connect to the human brain to my contacts into computer software. there is a natural process to the way. anything works. natural is what is and it's for example you hold the brain works faster and that will be a natural and anything else will become a natural. there was a major difference between the pudding into one's brain chip that controls movement and it's cheap it has in fact the older ones can initiate and wish as he motions for another time i've come to springfield something has to do with my personality with my condition and it's it's me. it's not really lived. it's me and affecting me is of us the significance and should be considered differently
the one to whom it is amazing grace. such a wonderful peace love and emotions and thinking and decision making many of these functions within the melbourne is doing the super functions. we are beginning to understand and simple functions listed machine. don't know mall in bed thinking they are decent picture. smart devices whom he has been quick to smile and pray. dale and i see that it ain't telling. american born fashion designer corey neilson has presented to the collection inspired by a house in the kitchen and prestigious paris fashion
week. nielsen says she was inspired by a fall of this country want to create three dimensional shapes and figures to collections the study included everything from short dresses skirts and trousers long evening gowns made from employing sequence lace socks in one embarrassed to walk waddle needed a helping hand from an audience member terry machete out to the heel stuck in the train tracks the design is his biggest inspirations came from the altar of track in a trance state of june about the need to be typical repayments. so the three of them. it's ready. and also our hands. prime examples of black and udinese experience in a lifetime. if you don't have to stand for anything you don't have to drive to fights and to do what you believe it we don't get it doris fashion week is
the last event in the fashion season off to new york london and milan will continue until the fifth of august. i eye will you. do. will see them to me. will. er it will
the yaw. the un. it is. since
i want my email content. in the latest a cab the reshuffle minister of the interior of the home yen will be replaced by second reagan secretary general term wage and ten in turn will be replaced by new type b c the vice mayor makes the time minister without portfolio summit and has been named the first to minister of science and